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All work is scheduled in advance , if you have an emergency there are actually services that specialize in that niche and for that you’ll want to find a different provider.

I tend to be focused on my work while Im on the job and avoid the phone until completion.. After all my clients are paying me by the hour and I cannot justify the time fairly if i took all calls at all times. I typically reply to all messages between 12-1pm and 4-5 pm m-f.However I understand that I may be at your home and you may be calling me with an important change or emergency so If Im either at your home or on my way to it I will either pick up immediately or call you back within a 3-5 min window.

I limit the amount of clients I take to maintain the integrity of quality and attention. there are large companies which will provide all sorts of handyman services .The one key difference is that the guy on the phone and the guy in your home will always be different but with Handyman Artistry its me every time. Having said this there are times where I may need an assistant and for that I always let you know ahead of time and discuss the challenges and any applicable adjustments associated with charges.

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